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Welcome to our Tenant Centre, where you can find information on becoming a HAIL tenant, paying your rent, reporting maintenance issues, and finding out about upcoming HAIL community events.

To find out about our mental health tenancy sustainment services for HAIL tenants, please go to our Support Section

If you can’t find the information that you are looking for here, please contact our Head Office on 01- 6718444 or email us at [email protected].



HAIL Tenant Handbook

Here you can download your HAIL Tenant Handbook – This handbook will inform you of the full range of services available to you as a HAIL tenant. It will help you to get to know more about HAIL and will provide you with important information about your tenancy with HAIL.

Download Tenant Handbook

Get involved in your HAIL community

Explore opportunities to get involved in our tenant groups.

Download our leaflets for more details:

Register Your Interest for the Tenants Forum

Your participation in the HAIL Tenant’s Forum can help inform and improve the delivery of HAIL’s services. Likewise, there are other forums that you can get involved in depending on your likes and availability.

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Becoming a Tenant

Here you can find some frequently asked questions on how you can become a HAIL tenant.

1. How do I apply to become a HAIL tenant

HAIL does not accept direct applications to become a HAIL tenant.

To apply to become a HAIL tenant, you need to download a housing application form from your local authority website. You can also go to your local authority ask them for a copy of this form.

You should specify on the form that you want to live in a home provided by an approved housing body such as HAIL.

If you would like to live in one of our supported homes, you should outline that mental health is the basis for your housing need.  You will need to fill out a second form for this called a Medical Information Form, which must be signed by two healthcare professionals.  You can download this form from your local authority website or ask for a copy at your local Intreo office.

2. Can I get help filling out my form?
3. What happens next?

Paying your Rent

Here we have created a useful guide of frequently asked questions about paying your rent.

1. How is my rent calculated?

The rent for your home is set depending on the original funding scheme under which the property was purchased.

In some cases, you may be required to pay a service charge in addition to your rent. This will be a small contribution towards any services provided. The service charge may include the following: waste disposal, communal gardening, communal cleaning and window cleaning (list not exhaustive).

2. Will my rent be reviewed?
3. When is my rent due?
4. How do I pay my rent?
5. What happens if I go into arrears?

Have more questions or need a rent review? Simply drop us an email at [email protected].


Report a Repair

For a comprehensive description of our repairs and maintenance service, including HAIL’s responsibilities, and your responsibility as a tenant, please read our tenant handbook or your Tenancy Agreement.
You can read an overview here.

We aim to carry out all repair work as quickly and efficiently as possible. All repair requests received are logged by our Housing Administration Team and are categorised under four headings, each with a timeframe for the work to be completed:

  • Emergency

    Repair will take place within 24 hours

  • Urgent

    Repair will be carried out within 7 working days

  • Routine

    Repairs will be carried out within 30 days

  • Cyclical

    Repairs that are carried out by HAIL at regular intervals to keep the property in good condition (e.g. gas boiler service).

Please be advised that some repair requests may be the tenant’s responsibility. However, this will be explained to you by the Housing Administration Team or your Housing Officer if this is the case.

Emergency Out-of-Hours Maintenance Service

In the event of a maintenance emergency outside normal working hours e.g., 9am-5pm, at weekends or over a holiday period, please contact our Out of Hours Maintenance Emergency Contact Number on: 01 5369607.

When you call, you will be put through to a call centre and they will inform you if your repair request is an emergency or if you should report the request the next working day.

Please note, this number is for emergencies only and should only be used in the case of a risk of significant damage to the property or serious risk to life or health, for example, flooding by water or sewage, total failure of electricity supply or fire.

All repairs, except emergency repairs, can be logged on this page by filling in the form below.

Maintenance / Repair Request Online Form

    Please give us as much detail as possible, for example; how long has the problem existed and the cause of the problem, if known

    Reporting Anti-Social Behaviour

    Anti-social behaviour is any behaviour that might cause danger, injury, damage or fear to people living in the area.

    HAIL recognises that sometimes our tenants experience anti-social or nuisance behaviour and that it must be tackled with tenants/neighbours in order to provide you with the peaceful enjoyment of your home.

    We will investigate all reports of anti-social behaviour reported by our tenants and ensure that the Tenancy Agreement is adhered to; inclusive of House Rules set by Owner Management Companies.

    Should we receive reports of anti-social behaviour from external neighbours or agencies, we will again ensure that these reports are fully investigated, and Tenancy Agreements and House Rules are adhered to.

    Please report incidents of anti-social behaviour to us by using the form below:

    Report for ASB and Nuisance Behaviour Incidents

      The Residential Tenancies Board

      All our tenancies are registered with the Residential Tenancies Board. They are an independent, public body. Their role is to register tenancies, operate a dispute resolution service, and regulate the residential rental sector in Ireland.

      You can find out more about the Residential Tenancies Board by clicking here.




      At HAIL, we recognise our responsibilities to our tenants. You can find out more about our responsibilities, tenant responsibilities and owners’ management company responsibilities below.

      Our Responsibilities

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      Tenant Responsibilities

      Learn more about your responsibilities as a HAIL tenant.

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      OMC Responsibilities

      Learn more about the responsibilities of the Owners’ Management Company (OMC) and their role in sustaining our homes and communities.

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