Our Workplace Culture

We believe that promoting a workplace culture where employee wellbeing is truly valued, is like a golden thread that runs through the organisation, right through to the homes and support services we provide.

We strive to promote an excellent working environment where our staff are valued and respected. We provide our staff with flexible working hours, 24 annual leave days plus 3 company days, a company pension scheme, training and development opportunities and health insurance for serious illness.

As part of our Strategic Review in 2023, we commissioned Campbell Tickell to conduct a CultureScan of our workplace culture, engaging with our staff, peer support volunteers and board directors to get their feedback on our culture.


As part of our overall Strategic Review in 2023, we began with
commissioning Campbell Tickell to conduct a CultureScan of
our workplace culture, providing an external overview and
anonymous results.

How it feels to work for HAIL

The results of the feedback were very positive. A key strength shown is how it feels to work for HAIL – employees feel safe, cared for and that they are making a difference in the world.


Positive Attributes

At the beginning of the survey, respondents were asked to select three positive attributes that they see as being most strongly reflected in HAIL:


Teamwork, Friendliness and Respect

The results of this exercise indicate that staff within HAIL perceive it as a place where teamwork is encouraged. Furthermore, it was revealed that the atmosphere within the organisation is characterised by friendliness and respect.


Tenants and Clients

Our staff also highlighted that they are proud to work for HAIL due to its purpose and empowerment of our tenants and clients. A positive trend throughout the survey responses showed that HAIL is client-focused throughout our work and committed to achieving positive outcome for our tenants and clients.


Level of Engagement

The level of engagement in the process was also incredibly positive, with 100% of staff responding to the survey.