Support Services

HAIL’s support services help people with significant and enduring mental health difficulties live independently in their home and community.

Our team of mental health tenancy sustainment officers provide a wide range of individually tailored services to support our tenants and clients. We work in a collaborative way with the HSE mental health services to actively support recovery.


Our services include

  • Support with mental health recovery goals
  • Helping tenants move into their home
  • Explaining tenancy conditions and rights and responsibilities
  • Support on household and budget management
  • Linking into community resources and activities
  • Maintaining links with family and friends
  • Support with pursuing employment and education opportunities

Our In-House Support Service

Our In-House Support Service provides mental health tenancy sustainment services for HAIL tenants. Our support model is based on the belief that a stable and secure home is key to supporting someone with their mental health recovery.

That’s why at HAIL we provide life-long tenancies with our tailored wraparound mental health tenancy sustainment services.

Our In-House Support Service is based on a close working partnership approach between HAIL, the relevant local authority and HSE mental health team. If you are a HAIL tenant and would like to find out more about our In-House Support Services, please speak to your support worker or housing officer.


We provide mental health tenancy sustainment services not just to our own tenants but also to people living in private rented accommodation, local authority, and social housing, who have been referred to us for support. In most cases, our clients are referred to us by their local authority or HSE mental health team.

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The Regional Visiting Support Service

This service provides tenancy support for people with mental health difficulties who are living in private rented, local authority and social housing. It is provided across the four Dublin local authority areas and in Wicklow, Sligo, Louth and Meath. It is funded by the HSE, Dublin Regional Homeless Executive and the relevant local authority.


The CARA Service

This nationwide service, was originally established under the National Housing Strategy for Disabled People. The Cara Service supports people who have been residents in HSE accommodation, by providing them with their own home under a HAIL tenancy. The service also provides support to people in local authority and social housing who have a mental health diagnosis and need help maintaining their tenancy.


The Prison In-reach Courts Liaison Service (PICLS)

This service provides help sourcing accommodation for men and women with mental health difficulties who are on remand in Cloverhill Prison and/or serving sentences in Mountjoy Prison and Dóchas Women’s Prison.   This service is funded by the HSE National Forensics Mental Health Service.


Slán Abhaile

This service supports people with significant and enduring mental health difficulties who are currently living in HSE congregated housing, homeless accommodation, insecure accommodation or in the family home, but who are more suited to independent living. The service is delivered in partnership with the HSE’s Dublin North City Rehabilitation Teams.


To find out how to link into our support services please email: [email protected] or call us on (01) 671 8444.